Sunday, 15 May 2011

Update-y date-y doooooo.

Since I'm pretty terrible for promising blogs then not delivering, I'm gonna do a quick run down of stuffs and my thoughts therein. Might be a topic on any one of these, maybe not.

1 - Finished Simone's run of Wonder Woman. Mainly, I'm kinda ambivalent. Will definitely do a full blog on this.

2 - Gaiman's much anticipated Dr Who episode was on last night. It was well written, charming, funny, clever, dark and had real heart. I find myself, however, not really in love with the episode. An excellent comparison would be The Girl in the Fireplace: both very well written and interesting and sophisticated, but with a resonant emotional and character core. I found I could never rate Girl in the Fireplace as high as it possibly deserved: more that I could admire rather than love it, so to speak. Same principle can be applied to yesterday's episode.

3 - Read the first volume of Morrison's Batman and Robin. Feels like, almost, the most simple thing Morrison has ever written, yet incredibly awesome nonetheless. Simple being a comparative mind.

4 - Probably canned the short story. Gonna give it one last try tonight, otherwise I'll just whip up some small pieces of flash fiction.

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