Monday, 1 August 2011

Some productivity, some news

Had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. On top of the normal problems (a specific issue that often keeps me up and general insomnia), I'd slept a bit during the day because of my work getting me up at a ridiculous time. What really hit me, however, was a strange, irrational fear of getting eaten alive by a snake. For some reason the image of the snake swallowing me whole and slowly, painfully digesting me would not leave me alone.


But yeah, finished the first part of that Dr Who story I wrote about a while ago. When I start posting other stuffs and have given it a bit of an edit, I'll share it with you lot. Got to edit chapter 5 of the Harry Potter too, try to eliinate the "sketchiness" it falls into, make it's structure a bit more fluid. Been using M'Word so much that everytime I finish a sentence I hit cntrl + S. It's a good sign.

Finished The Unsinkable Walker Bean a moment ago: very good comic, childish but not immature and a bloody good story all round. Will likely check out pt. 2 when it comes out. Also gonna write a perspective on Green Lantern from Rebirth - Sinestro Corps, including both GL and GLC. That's one blog entry really wanna do.

Finally getting round to watching Sherlock. Final episode this wednesday, and expect a review of the three episodes after that. Some more thoughts on Torchwood are likely too.

So yeah, got a lot I want to do. We'll see how much I get done. Peace peeps.

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