Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First adventures into the DCnU

So I've bought, read and digested four new comics from the DC's relaunch. Here's my brief thoughts on all four:

Action Comics #1: When I bought this, the two people behind the counter were discussing how underwhelming they found it. Morrison is a writer I love so much that I always go in worried: with such great a track record comes the potential for great disappointment. This is exactly what I wanted it to be, however: fast and exciting and with a lot of promise. This is Morrison in his Batman and Robin mode, and he proves he can do simple story telling just as well as he does all that meta stuff. I liked the artwork too, it was warm and engaging and dragged me into the action.

Stormwatch #1: This one I wasn't even going to get, but I am a weak man. This was big and strange and imaginative, and probably featured my favourite art. My lack of knowledge about any of the characters except Martian Manhunter made it a tad on the confusing side, but the story balances a fast pace with intoductions very nicely. Very solid read.

Swamp Thing #1: Probably the weakest of the bunch. After a very atmospheric and mysterious start the comic gets caught up in just straight exposition. Whilst I feel the slow start was likely an attempt to continue the sense of something building, it didn't work. The dialogue and prose present is very nicely crafted, but this gets caught up in a wordiness. The very nice artwork can't do much to help, unfortunately, but there is enough that does happen to persuade me to give it at least another issue. Started and ended well, but the middle doesn't quite work.

Animal Man #1: This is the one I'd heard the most praise about, but my expectations were not quite sky high. To be honest, I didn't know what was waiting for me, but even considering that what I got was definitely surprising. Unlike Swamp Thing, the slow pace really worked and below the surface you do get a building feeling. This is the only comic I reread immediately after finishing, and definitely my favourite of the four.

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