Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sporting Diaries - Bloodbowl

Hey guys, I'm looking to kick life back into my blog by doing a series of posts on a league I've joined: Blood Bowl!

For those uninitiated, Bloodbowl is a tabletop game based in the Warhammer world. Think American Football with Orcs and Elves and Dwarves and a rather more lax approach to violence. Hell, there are many teams whose entire game plans around stomping their opposition into the ground before the ball is even brought into the equation.

Part of the attraction of the game is the rich diversity of interesting and cool races that are available to players. Wanting to choose something interesting or different, but realising from a quick scan of the net that my team of choice (of those teams not already taken) was considered one of the worst in the game, I decided instead to elect to go the Amazons. My sparse research had not really turned up anything about them, so I was getting them without really knowing anything about them.

So as I've a team of Amazons, wearing the team colours red and green, and although the team has been named (each one with a mini-story behind them) I've yet to name the team. I'll write updates on each match and little backgrounds to each of my players as the season goes on.

If I go and see a movie tomorrow I'll get another review up too.

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