Tuesday, 28 June 2011

DC relaunch/difficult choices

So DC are rebooting their entire line (how much they are going to reboot continuity is still unclear to the best of my knowledge) and as a fan that has been hovering around the edges, picking away at the trades with no hope in hell of ever catching up to current releases. Now I have a chance to jump on! But funds aren't unlimited, and, in fact, are likely to get far tighter soon. I daresay 52 comics every months, on top of my scrabbling away with trades, is not sustainable. Therefore, choices gotta be made.

The two main things that encourage me to get books are as follows
  • Writer
  • Subject matter
In that order. So what takes my fancy?
  • Justice League - Geoff Johns
    • Probably not gonna be buying this one, but it's Geoff Johns and all of the DC's biggest superheroes. At the very least, deserving of a mention.
  • Wonder Woman - Brian Azzarello
    • Wonder Woman still holds some sort of fascination for me, and I've been meaning to check out Azzarello for a while. His 1000 Bullets series is meant to be good, but this might be an interesting place to start.
  • Aquaman - Geoff Johns
    • This one I do wanna check out. Contrary to popular opinion, I always suspected that Aquaman could be very awesome, and the Geoff Johns medicine might be exactly what he needs.
  • Green Lantern Corps - Peter J Tomasi
    • I intend to read some of his pre-reboot GLC stuff before really exploring this option, but if it's as good as I've heard - hell, if it's as good as Gibbons run - this might be a hard one to turn down.
  • Green Lantern: The New Guardians - Tony Bedard
    • Bedard is meant to be a decent writer, but really I've no idea why I find myself compelled to read this. I mean, it's just DC trying to leech off of it's most popular books in the same way there so many Batman books. Yet somehow, I genuinely am curious.
  • Batman - Scott Snyder
    • Snyder has been writing Batman for a whilst now, and has had generally positive reactions.And, you know, Batman.
  • Justice League Dark - Peter Milligan
    • I keep wanting to check out Milligan's Shade series, but seeing as it hasn't been collected, reading it isn't really an option. But this idea, a superhero team made up of anti-heroes could be cool. Could be bad too, admittedly, since labelling something "dark" always sets me on edge. Seems to open things up to possible wank. Nonetheless, very interested.
  • Demon Knight - Paul Cornell
    •  I want to read something by Cornell, and at first glance this fits the bill nicely. Superheroes meets fantasy? Awesome. A recent interview has revealed that he is modelling this to a great extent after A Game of Thrones and used the words "violent" and "gritty" at least three times apiece. Count me suddenly less enthused from what seemed to be a must-buy at first.
  • Resurrection Man - Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett
    • Dan Abnett is a great writer, stylistically and structurally brilliant. His characters are something of a weak spot, but hopefully the change of medium and co-writer can address this weakness. Probably gonna be giving this a look.
  • Blue Beetle - Tony Bedard
    • Blue Beetle has received prolific praise from many sources. I am very much intrigued, but I'll check out Jaimie's past adventures in the costume before making a decision.
  • Action Comics - Grant Morrison
    • This is Morrison, this is a must-buy. Only one in this list that is a guarantee.
So yeah choices, choices. Anyone browsing this got any reccomendations?

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