Thursday, 2 June 2011

Power Rangers Marathon, and other stuffs

So, I sat through a Power Rangers marathon the other day. Yes, I know.

But anyhow, it was a disappointing 21 hours, as I ended up sleeping through a couple of episodes. And when you've sat through fifty of the bastards, just missing the entire series by two is damn disheartening. Nonetheless, it was an intense quasi-delirious experience that cemented Bulk and Skull’s theme tune in my head for most likely the rest of my life. Not the worst soundtrack to live to, is it?

But beyond that, Dr Who has now officially knocked my socks off then strangled me with them. Every question that is answered opens up a couple more, and I figure that this one to be patient with. From the Moff’s blistering opener, to Gaiman’s introspective look at the Dr Who mythos, and then the most recent character based cloning exercise with an ending that hits like a baseball bat. So far, five out of six episodes have been at a ridiculous standard.

Working on a Who fic. atm. Kinda making it up as I go along. I’ll give it a proof read once I’m finished, then I’ll share it with ya.

So yeah, be scared.

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