Friday, 8 July 2011

Some randoms notes

So it's coming down outside at a nightmarish pace, and at one point thunder and lightning was more or less above the house. Perfect atmosphere for blog writing, right?

I have to admit that the whole 30 day book thing completely slipped my mind, not sure if it's worth continuing. Thankfully, Gears of the City has turned up so expected a review of that soonish. On top of which, I recently saw the newest Transformers and have a lot to say about it. Too much, maybe. Gonna try and condense my thoughts and take all the analysis of expectations and criticisms stuff out of it, sicne I'm prone to meander enough as it is, without trying to take on numerous different topics at once.

My country has went a tad insane. We've got a scandal with widespread corruption, criminal activity on an institutional level and political impotency. Just too interesting to not go into in further detail.

Also, this. Urgh.

Good god is it raining something fierce. This is tropical storm territory, not damp Scotland. Best start work on that ark.

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